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It’s time to recruit!

Mar 18, 2019


Moving on to recruiting veterans into your organizations today.  Why would recruiting veterans be any different than recruiting anyone else? If you want to recruit any certain demographic, it is easier to do so if you employ some specific strategy and tactics.

In the 2018 Orion Talent Veteran Hiring Survey, 99% of businesses reported they are recruiting military veterans, but 62% are giving essential recruiting work to resources who are not trained or experienced in veteran recruitments. Let’s talk about how to gain some training and experience.

Here are a few tips on recruiting veterans into your organization.

  1. Train your recruiters, first and foremost. There are numerous resources available from free to paid, government-sponsored to private sector sponsored. SHRM and various state agencies such as Virginia Values Veterans and Ohio Department of Veteran Services provide free training as do non-profit organizations such as Psycharmor Institute. For-profit companies provide training and consulting services as well, which allow them to work side by side with your recruiters and other personnel in your company training them through the processes.
  2. What if you don’t have recruiters specifically in your organization? You can outsource this HR function to companies that specifically recruit veterans and military spouses. There are numerous companies that recruit military veterans on behalf of thousands of organizations. A few off the top of my head are Orion, Lucas Group and Datrose.  Feel free to list more in the comments of the post as this list is not all-inclusive.
  3. Last and certainly not least, go to where the veterans are. Very large military installations will host job fairs on base for companies to attend. Most installations will have a career transition office which supports the training of service members who are separating or retiring. Reach out to those offices and make connections. Find your local reserve and guard bases. There are over 100 Navy reserve centers alone in the continental US and as of January 2019, there were over 100,000 Navy reservists! Now start adding in the other services as well as National Guard and Air National Guard….that is a lot of Veterans!

Recruiting is a very specific and active step of the employee lifecycle and should not be treated as a passive event. Take time to develop a veteran recruitment strategy to ensure you are successful. Feel free to leave questions or comments in the post or contact me at meghan@hrnavigatorllc.com.